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COVID-19: A Letter From Our CEO

Dear Friends, Families, Partners, and Doggo enthusiasts,

Our purpose at District Derp® is to bring hope and restore health. We want you to know we are doing everything we can to keep our employees and clients safe and healthy. We take great pride in the trust you put in District Derp®.

Our thoughts are with those who have been affected.  We hope that our communities rally together to support each other during this difficult time.

The following are the steps we are taking at District Derp® to protect our employees, their families, and our clients:

  1. Increased routine environmental cleaning: We'll be routinely cleaning all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, including our workstations, countertops, fridges and freezers, and surfaces inside of our delivery vehicle.
  2. Actively encourage sick employees to stay home: Any members of the District Derp® team who have symptoms will be required to stay home. We will continue to pay hourly wages to members of the District Derp® team who are unable to work at this time.
  3. Gloves: We will be wearing gloves on every delivery and pickup. Cash can be a major transmitter and we recommend that all of our clients and staff utilize gloves when handling cash at this time. 
  4. Operations will continue normally at this time, there is no need to worry about shortages or decreases in operating hours as a result of this crisis. 
  5. No-contact delivery: If you are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus at this time, we ask that you request a no-contact delivery. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to take advantage of this option and we will coordinate the logistics with you!

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will keep you up-to-date on any changes to these policies. This is a rapidly evolving situation and we ask for your flexibility and patience in this time of crisis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 202-854-8294 or at

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