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Peruse the Gallery and Pick Your Experience

Do you prefer paintings that make you ponder like a 'Pollock' or do you take your art with a side of chaos like a 'de Kooning?' Buy a painting alone or enjoy with the customized gift.


Pick the Perfect Gift

Once you’ve selected a painting, browse our Gift Guide to pick what item(s) feel right for you. Not sure what to choose? Text us!


Prove You're Not a Robot

We have a multi-factor authentication system because it's important for us to be 100% compliant and secure at all times. Verify your phone number every time you checkout, and upon clearance, you're free to proceed to checkout and enjoy.


Plan your Derp Delivery or Pickup

Coordinate when and where you want to receive your derp delivery or when you'd like to pickup. Safety and convenience are of utmost importance to us and this will always go both ways.

*Only orders over $100 are eligible for delivery

*Only orders over $40 are eligible for pickup 

*Cash payment only 


Pay and Pay it Forward

Once you've loaded up your cart and checkout, we'll package up your artwork and prepare your gift for delivery. A portion of the sale will go to Homeward Trails. 

*Cash payment only 

Huzzah, Derp Day Made!

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Meet the dog who does it all

This is Sudo, our beloved Alaskan Klee Kai. She is the ‘face’ of our brand and inspiration behind our work.

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“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

—Eileen Miller

When it comes to information, we strongly believe in access and inclusion. Everything here rests on the four pillars of clarity, transparency, objectivity, and humility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, disclaimers, legalities, and operations. It’s all here and then some.

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As operators of a reimagined art gallery experience, our core mission is to facilitate and elevate cannabis awareness by way of education, empowerment, and provenance.

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